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The quality engineer
The job description/Requirements:
1 Responsible for incoming inspection、The finished product inspection,And material report。
2 Is responsible for incoming material、Product inspection standards and methods。
3 Responsible for arranging the product of the third party test。
4 Assist sales to handle customer complaints。Because of quality problems needed to correct、Preventive measures,Follow up and implement。
5 Assist purchasing department for review and assessment of the suppliers。
6 Responsible for the companyISOThe implementation of the system and the maintenance of internal audit,And report to general manager。
7 Participate in weekly production meeting。
8 Leadership explaination of other matters。
Working place:Suzhou
Degree required:High school or above
The minimum working fixed number of year:1The following year

The mechanical technician
The job description/Requirements:
1.Degree required:Technical secondary school ,Fitter's class
2.There is3~5Years experience in machinery non-standard production
3.Can read mechanical processing drawings,Understand mechanical processing process
4.Argon arc welding operation、Gas shielded welding machine。
5.A pleasant personality,Willing to communicate,Pay attention to team work。
6.Smart、Hard-working、Willing to communicate、Beginning ability is strong。
7.Have a forklift maintenance experience,Give priority to
8.Experience in electrical work,Give priority to

Administrative commissioner/Assistant
The job description/Requirements:
Fully responsible for the company's cash business(Extract the deposit、Staff cash reimbursement、A receipt)Assist the accounting issue and purchase of VAT invoices、Commercial invoice。
Be responsible for monthly attendance statistics。(Attendance、To work overtime、Ask for leave)According to the customer delivery,Inform the production plan to arrange logistics delivery,Do the delivery confirmation,And inform customer the delivery information。
Responsible for monthly reconciliation with customers,To submit application of make out an invoice to the finance。
Responsible for tracking and assist quality department to handle customer complaints。
Participate in weekly production meeting。
Leadership explaination of other matters。
Working place:Suzhou
Degree required:High school or above
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